Leave the Light On

I lost my husband to addiction. He’s still living (we think) but as a husband and father to my children, addiction to pills took him about a year into our marriage. I didn’t realize how bad til years later and by the end it got so bad he was stealing money from us nightly andContinue reading “Leave the Light On”

You can not heal in the place that made you sick.

Everyday since saying no to alcohol, I’ve learned things about myself that I had been hiding away out of fear, anxiety, and past trauma. When you aren’t able to be your true self even in your own home this puts a darkness and negative energy on who you are. It makes you doubt, have guilt,Continue reading “You can not heal in the place that made you sick.”

Get Your Boy, I’ll Handle Mine.

This morning I woke for the gym with a message being told by FTG’s aunt that I shouldn’t share + post like I do to protect my boys. The irony is thick with this one. 🙃🙃 SPOILER: they wont need my Instagram to form an opinion of their father, he is doing his own jobContinue reading “Get Your Boy, I’ll Handle Mine.”

The First Time

February 26, 2017 feels like ages ago yet if I think long enough I can still feel his fingers on my neck and ears. It legit sends shivers down my spine aand all of a sudden I’m there again. Holding my glasses…taking a beating. I like to refer to the first time that #FTG beatContinue reading “The First Time”

a little sunshine + whole lotta love

It’s amazing what a little bit a sunshine + whole lotta love will do for a girl. 😌🖤✨✨✨ Today 2 years ago we got the keys to a beautiful bright home with hope that yet another game of make believe will finally make life ok.  Less than 45 days later my dad and brother wereContinue reading “a little sunshine + whole lotta love”

The Tale of the Warrior Scar Serum

From one of the worst experiences of my life The Warrior Scar Serum was born. Once upon a time I sat alone in shock with a split open face, concussion, my aroma complete kit full of oils + my Essential Oils Desk Reference. Every oil it listed for skin healing and scars if I hadContinue reading “The Tale of the Warrior Scar Serum”

Choice or Created for Survival?

It’s very interesting the change that takes place when you are around a person that fiercely loves you and wants you happy. When your home is no longer a battle ground or war zone but rather a retreat and safe haven, what happens inside, is simply amazing. the peace + ease you feel…. #nowords ☺️😍 You’re ableContinue reading “Choice or Created for Survival?”