Leave the Light On

I lost my husband to addiction. He’s still living (we think) but as a husband and father to my children, addiction to pills took him about a year into our marriage. I didn’t realize how bad til years later and by the end it got so bad he was stealing money from us nightly andContinue reading “Leave the Light On”

I like me alcohol free.

Y’all know I’m a sucker for a side by side. Here’s the last 3 Mother’s Day weekends. ✨✨✨ 2017 my first Mother’s Day after leaving the abuse. Not my first one “single” by any means + the pain and the darkness is still super real here behind the eyes and smile. Don’t get me wrong,Continue reading “I like me alcohol free.”

Numbing Doesn’t Make Anything Go Away.

News Flash.  Waiting til 5pm to drink is NOT normal + should NOT be acceptable. Drinking by THE MUG does NOT give character or help be a better mom. #FACTS How do I know this?  BECAUSE INSTEAD…… It stole my light. It made me weak to abuse.  It made me forget what I needed toContinue reading “Numbing Doesn’t Make Anything Go Away.”

You can not heal in the place that made you sick.

Everyday since saying no to alcohol, I’ve learned things about myself that I had been hiding away out of fear, anxiety, and past trauma. When you aren’t able to be your true self even in your own home this puts a darkness and negative energy on who you are. It makes you doubt, have guilt,Continue reading “You can not heal in the place that made you sick.”